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Picky eater toddler

Just going to sleep but I thought I’d share a quick win.  I’ve been thinking of ways to give options without wasting a lot of food. After all the suggestions the vast internets had to offer, I decided to try the finger foods buffet (see picture below) And it was a hit. By hit I mean, raisins were dipped in… Read more →

My Happy New Year

It’s finally happened. A project that I’ve been dreaming of for over a year has finally been accomplished. I used to consider myself a bit of a tea coniseur, and while i do occasionally enjoy an herbal tea or a roiboos tea, I’ve become accustomed to my cup of Tetley Orange Pekoe tea every morning. And at the risk of… Read more →

Mom life

This is the summary of my day. What did I do you ask? I obtained a family doctor here in Halifax. Three months later (See previous post on packng up and moving cross country). I’m happy to announce that my chunky 20 week old baby (4.5 months) is weighing in at 14 lbs and 14 oz today. I also put… Read more →

Deck the Halls (part 1)

…and living room, and kitchen, and fireplace mantel. There’s something you should know now that I’ve been blogging for over a year. I just can’t hide it anymore. I love Christmas. The whole 4 month season from September to December! Twinkly lights, the smell of cedar and cinnamon, jingle bells playing in the store, beautiful Christmas trees in store windows,… Read more →

Nursery makeover

Is it still considered a makeover if it’s a new room, in a new province? Whatever, it’s a catchy title! So in a previous post, I toured Baby’s room at our place in Ajax, Ontario. Here are some pictures of her new room in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The inspirational quotes in frames compliments of Aunt Lydia. Ajax: Halifax: And the… Read more →

My money saving challenge

So I’ve never really enjoyed dealing with finances. I do what I have to do but I’d rather do other chores like dishes or laundry. Now that I’m at home during the day, I figure I should take on a bit more responsibility in the financial department (of our home). One thing I’ve been especially interested in lately is couponing,… Read more →