Category: Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday : Airplanes

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I am currently separated from my parents and siblings by most of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and a large part of Ontario. So today I am thankful for airplanes. They bring my family to me and me to my family in approximately 2 hours. (And $1000 round trip for Christopher,… Read more →

Thankful Thursday : Naptime

Guess who’s back! It’s me, and it’s Thankful Thursday again… Wait is it? Yes, it is Thursday. Can every mom out there put a hand in the air if you’re thankful for nap time! I’m talking about when Baby Sunsun has a nap, not me, although that has happened too on occasion. But when she sleeps, I have so many… Read more →

Thankful Thursday: Easy Baby

Today I am thankful that Baby Sunsun is so easily entertained. Exhibit A: Coloured rice, in a ziplock bag, stuffed inside of an o-ball.   She’s been playing with this since breakfast and until this happened:   When I picked her up after nap time, she was trying to chew the buttons on my shirt. Since I don’t enjoy wearing… Read more →