Month: July 2014

Welcome Baby Girl!

Well everyone, she has finally arrived. And this is the story of her birth! One morning I woke up at 9am for my midwife appointment and noticed that (TMI warning) my underwear was wet. I figured I sweat during the night because nothing else was wet. I was on my way to the midwife anyway and I could ask her… Read more →

38/39 weeks

How far along? 39 weeks, 4 days How big is the baby? Size of a watermelon, very big. Weight class in UFC: Middlewwight at 179/180 in danger of moving to light heavyweight. What I ate this week: All the things! Including but not limited to pineapple (supposed to induce labour) …so far, not working. Will update. Mommy milestones: Got some… Read more →