Month: May 2015

Thankful Thursday : Airplanes

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I am currently separated from my parents and siblings by most of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and a large part of Ontario. So today I am thankful for airplanes. They bring my family to me and me to my family in approximately 2 hours. (And $1000 round trip for Christopher,… Read more →

Galavanting in Lunenburg

On today’s adventure, my mom, Baby Sunsun, and I were meeting up with a friend for lunch. We thought we were meeting in Mahone Bay. Beautiful little village type place.   But we were actually supposed to meet at the LaHave River. So we ended up meeting halfway between in Lunenburg (home of the Bluenose: sailboat on the Canadian dime).… Read more →

Thankful Thursday : Naptime

Guess who’s back! It’s me, and it’s Thankful Thursday again… Wait is it? Yes, it is Thursday. Can every mom out there put a hand in the air if you’re thankful for nap time! I’m talking about when Baby Sunsun has a nap, not me, although that has happened too on occasion. But when she sleeps, I have so many… Read more →