Month: August 2015


Guess who has a toddler now? This mom! 18 month old? No. A one year old who climbs up and down the climber by herself like a big girl. Therefore it is with some sadness and some excitement that I must change her nickname from Baby SunSun to “Meesh”.  Official Announcement: Baby SunSun shall henceforth be referred to as “Meesh”.… Read more →

Picky eater toddler

Just going to sleep but I thought I’d share a quick win.  I’ve been thinking of ways to give options without wasting a lot of food. After all the suggestions the vast internets had to offer, I decided to try the finger foods buffet (see picture below) And it was a hit. By hit I mean, raisins were dipped in… Read more →

First steps

Hey! Guess who took their first steps (unassisted) today? That’s right! This baby!     Sorry I didn’t get a picture of it. It was unexpected and I didn’t have the camera ready. But so very exciting!  Baby Sunsun is one year old, has taken her first steps, is cutting her 6th and 7th tooth (at the same time), dances like… Read more →