Thankful Thursday -Skype

Real talk (does anyone still say that? I do. Only today) Living 17 car-hours away from family is hard some days. Some times I just want my sisters to come over and make workout playlists with me, or go for a walk with me. Sometimes I just want to go drink tea with my mom and talk about life. Or make jokes with my niece at family dinners. Or laugh at goat simulator games with Earl and Julia. I want to go to my dad and Katherine’s and see how the furniture’s been rearranged this month and steal decorating ideas.
Wait now it feels like Sad Thursday instead of Thankful Thursday. Waaaiiit for it…

I’m thankful for Skype! The next best thing to being with our families would have to be Skype. Even Baby Sunsun is starting to get the hang of it. We were Skyping with Chris’s mom the other night and Baby girl was trying to touch Nanny’s face!


These are the kind of moments that make East Coast living a little easier.
That and discovering Pseudio. A clothing store that feels like a mix between Winners and Forever 21. I’m excited to take my sisters there when they visit…

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  1. Lydia
    February 23, 2015 at 3:54 pm

    Aaaaw, so stoked to come visit you so NieceBaby can touch my face IRL! <3 Pseudio looks amazing, I'll make sure to leave some space in my suitcase and bring some spending monies.

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