Saying goodbye (or see you later) is hard

So I dropped my mom off at the airport yesterday. We both cried.

I haven’t spent this much quality time with my mom, the way I did this weekend, for as long as I can remember. If I still lived in Ontario, my mom wouldn’t spend 4 nights at my house. We would see each other more frequently but not spend hours and days at a time talking and going on adventures together. Living so far apart really makes me want to enjoy every moment we do get to spend together. So am I glad that we are provinces apart? Absolutely not. But I am glad that I have such an awesome mom that I miss so much. I hope Baby Sunsun grows to love me as much as I love my mom.

Ok let me end this on a happy note. Here are some pictures from when we walked down by the Harbour. 

Here’s us by “The Wave”


We also took Baby Sunsun to the waterfront park (I made up that name so don’t expect to find that park by googling it) and she had a great time looking at all the things.




 I’m looking forward to our next visitor in June which will be my sister, Julia! Look out Halifax, here comes a superstar!

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