Thankful Thursday : the Library


Listen, yesterday, it rained. When the kids were sleeping, no rain. Kids are awake, rain. So it was a no park day. No outside day actually. The second day that we didn’t go out even for a quick walk around the block, since I started home daycare. The kids were not impressed.
Today the ground was still wet, and my kids are still mostly crawling, so we got on the bus and went to the library. I picked some new books and the kids played in the play area. I am so thankful for the library because it’s the only free, indoor play place on my bus route. And the kids really enjoy it. 

Here’s a little plug for the Halifax Central Library: there is a puppet theatre, a great view of cars going by below, a giant lite brite wall, a kitchen set, Lego tables, and lots of toys, and of course books. 

So glad we have a rainy day getaway!

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