Guess who has a toddler now? This mom! 18 month old? No. A one year old who climbs up and down the climber by herself like a big girl.

Therefore it is with some sadness and some excitement that I must change her nickname from Baby SunSun to “Meesh”. 

Official Announcement: Baby SunSun shall henceforth be referred to as “Meesh”. You heard it here first. 

I can’t believe how much has happened in a year. Last year at this time, we were living in Ontario with a newborn who couldn’t hold her own head up. My sister Lydia was staying with me while Christopher was flying to Halifax to look for our new home. 

Now we have been in Halifax long enough to go most places without using the GPS. Meesh celebrated her first birthday party with friends. Most of our family has been to Halifax to visit us this year. I’ve started my own home daycare business. Meesh is walking and talking. Lydia is engaged! Congratulations to my sister and soon to be brother, Alex! 

Behold this year in pictures.

Meesh is born,



Moves to Halifax,


Eats food,

Sits up on her own, 

Pulls herself up to stand,

Flies back to Ontario for Christmas,
Visits Peggy’s cove with Aunt Lydia,  


Visits Bay of Fundy with Grama, 
Makes her first phone call on her iPhone (laminated sticker)  

Eats at Mic Mac Bar and Grill with Aunt Linzy,    


Climbs Citadel  hill with Aunt Julia,   

Practices flower girl walk because…

Aunt Lydia and Alex are engaged!  
What does engaged mean?


Meesh drives a jeep at the park,

Goes to the splash pad,


Leaves for college,

Oops forgot to brush my teeth!


Did someone say velociraptor?

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